Easy Picture Email
Send email pictures without attachments!  Automatically reduces picture sizes!
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Order Registration Key ($15) For Full Use Of Easy Picture Email.
You can order the registration key ($15) which allows you full use of this program. Full use of this program means you will no longer be limited to sending only two pictures to only two email recipients per email. You will be able to send up to 100 pictures to up to 100 email recipients (depending on picture size and your email server).
Once you receive the registration key by email, you can easily install it on as many computers as you like for your own personal use. You may not redistribute the program to others however. Instructions for installing the registration key will be provided in the email. There is no need to reinstall this program. After installing the registration key, the program will automatically switch to operating in the registered/full use mode.
The fastest and easiest way to order the registration key/license is to order online by credit card with RegSoft.com's SECURE SERVER.  RegSoft.com also provides Phone, Fax, PayPal, or Postal Mail ordering.  If you are ordering by phone please specify the Product ID 82736 to the operator:
Purchase this product NOW at www.RegSoft.com
Future versions of Easy Picture Email are FREE to registered users!
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